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Do you know if your duct and attic insulation are properly installed?

You could be losing money every minute constantly through your attic if you’ve never insulated your attic. You could be missing out on savings and a more comfortable home.

Keeping proper attic insulation is the best solution to lower your energy bills to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Attic insulation is so important and effective we're offering a free consultation.

Well let’s ask ourselves if the insulation is necessary in a climate like Florida? The answer is yes, absolutely! Insulation resists heat flow and when our attic bakes to 130 or 140° in the summertime that heat has already traveled down to our living space causing a big load on the air conditioning system and making your home uncomfortable. We can reduce that with proper insulation to stop the heat flows from the roof to our living space.

Attic Insulation

All homes no matter what climate they are in should have an attic that's air sealed so we don’t have excessive air exchange from inside the outside. Some parts of the house are under positive pressure and some are under negative pressure. Air will move through a hole depending on the difference in pressure between the areas in the house. We need to air seal this house as the first step to make it energy efficient, and the attic is the first priority on the list.

Attic insulation plays a critical role in home energy performance. Most building scientists agree that the attic should be the first target area for insulation and air sealing upgrades. Most homes are built with code-required minimum levels of attic insulation that are far below current recommendations established by the US Department of energy.

Homeowners considering an attic insulation upgrade have a number of different insulation materials to consider. Each attic insulating option has distinct advantages and limitations. Understanding these pros and cons can help you select the best insulation upgrade for your attic.

Fiberglass Batts: Fiberglass batts insulation is popular because it’s affordable and universally available. Regardless of age, many houses with attics insulated with fiberglass batts, the batts are typically installed between attic floor joist. Unfaced bats are more common than faced bats in attic installations.

Blown In Insulation: Two main types of blown-in insulation are commonly used: cellulose and loose-fill in fiberglass. Both types are designed to be installed using special blowing equipment.

Spray Foam

Rigid Foam

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