Five common AC problems & How to fix them yourself

The first and foremost thing to repair and troubleshoot your AC that most people do is to call some professional for help. 

However, if your AC is showing signs of trouble and you want to attempt an easy DIY repair, and saving some money, we’ve got you! 

Below are some simple Tips and Techniques by our experts that can help you successfully do simple AC repair diagnostics without any professional help or needing to buy a new one. 

Problem Identification

Before you even start repairing your AC, the first thing that you need to know is why your AC might not be cooling in the first place. 

There are many potential reasons why your AC is not working, like blocked or dirty air filters, need for coil cleaning, faulty compressor or refringent, or even power issues. All these issues can lead to an impediment to your AC airflow and cooling. 

Power Issues 

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If your AC is not working at all, it might be because it is not getting enough power (or any at all).  

There’s one very easy, and often overlooked action you can take to check whether your AC is getting enough power or not and you don’t need any electrical skills. The first thing to do is to check the main electrical panel and assess whether your circuit breaker is off or tripped (which looks as if its somewhere in the middle between on and off).

It isn’t uncommon for an AC circuit breaker to get tripped, which pretty much shuts off all power to an AC unit. In this case, you need to reset the circuit panel by fully shutting it off, then back on.

Note: If your circuit panel gets tripped regularly while you have reset it many times, it’s time that you call Air conditioning repair professional for help. The unit may be working excessively hard, drawing too much power that is tripping your circuit breaker. In that case, a certified technician will assess how to make your AC unit work more efficiently (either by cleaning or other measures), or outright recommend a new, power-efficient AC unit (which most people can qualify for with 0% down). 

Thermostat Showing Trouble 

Smart Thermostat

Another reason for when your AC stops working is that the thermostat is faulty. First check to make sure that it is on and set to cool.

If your AC is not working because of thermostat is completely off, then you can simply change the batteries to solve the issue. Before doing this, be sure to set the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees lower than the room’s current temperature. 

Check the Outdoor Condenser 

If your AC sounds like it is running, yet not blowing out enough cool air, there might be an issue with your AC’s condenser or freon levels. This is because the condenser might be dirty, or blocked by dirt, weed, grass, etc. This could also indicate that your freon (the coolant that cools air inside your unit) is leaking or is low. 

In this case of simple dirt buildup around the condenser, you need to clear out what you find in the way, and maintain a minimum of 3 feet of clearance for optimum airflow. 

After cleaning the condenser, let your AC run for a few hours and see if the airflow improves. If the issue was with the thermostat, your AC should work properly, but if it’s not working even after cleaning, you should have a certified professional check your unit immediately. 

Dirty or Clogged Air Filters 

Cleaning or replacing your Air filter regularly is a must to keep your AC unit working properly. The air filters naturally become dirty or clogged due to continuous airflow through them. 



If the air filters get dirty or clogged, your AC will not cool. To clean your air filters, simply remove, rinse and clean the filter properly. Once dry re-insert it into the filter slot. If your filter is not reusable, then simply purchase a new one from your local hardware store or the like.


It’s important to put the right size filter on your unit. If the size is even an inch too small, dirt will seep through and accumulate along the coils. If too large, the same thing can happen, as the filter will bend and create open air space for dirt and dust to go through. 

You can check out your AC brand’s website to check what air filter size is needed in your AC unit. If the website is not available, ask some professional to help you out in this regard. 

Other common issues

If you’ve tried checking for all the above possible reasons and your AC is still not working, there might be some other issues like; 

  1. You AC’s motor may have burned out, and thus the unit is not working.
  2. Your AC has dirty outdoor and indoor coils.
  3. The compressor of your unit might have failed.

If you have tried all of the above simple diagnostic tips bt the unit is still not working, we highly recommend calling a professional to take a look at the unit. 


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