5 Signs you need to repair or replace your AC

Air Conditioner

If you are from the 75% of Americans who have an AC in their home, you need to watch for signs indicating your air conditioner may be in need of a repair or replacement. In this article we will discuss 5 most common signs to know when to call an expert.

No Air or Warm Air

If you notice a change in your AC performance and the temperature in your home is not going down to a comfortable level, check if warm air or no air at all is going out your registers or AC unit (if you have a split-type). Anything other than cool air can indicate that a service call is needed, as this can mean a faulty compressor, low refrigerant or a ductwork issue.

If you experience no air or warm air but your AC is turned on, it is suggested to turn it off while waiting for the service to prevent further damage to the equipment or a high electricity bill for overworking the compressor.

Weird or Funny Smell

Clean air doesn’t have a smell so should air coming our of your AC. If you start smelling something in the air when you turn your AC or after some time of it being running it is suggested to get the unit checked.

Two of the most common smells would be a strong odor indicating the insulation in your unit has burned out or a stale smell that says you have mold in your AC. Mold is known to be a health risk to you and your family so schedule a service as soon as possible.

Higher Electricity Bills

Significantly higher electricity bill without a clear change in lifestyle can indicate that an electrical appliance or device has become inefficient. If this happens in the summer, it can be very likely caused by your AC. Make sure you check for visible signs such as something blocking the air circulation to the outdoor unit, clogged ducts or dirty air filter.

If you can’t find out what is causing your AC to become inefficient, it is time to call the experts.

Loud Noise

While air conditioners are not quiet when they are not running, grinding, squealing or scraping noises are not normal and can indicate a possible problem with your AC unit. If you leave it unchecked, it can lead to severe damage to the unit or sometimes unrepairable.


Liquids coming out your AC unit can be either water or refrigerant. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant this has to be addressed as soon as possible as this is poisonous to human and pets if they come in contact with. Water leaks are less serious but also indicate an issue with the unit such as the condensation tube is blocked or damaged.

While these are 5 of the most common issues indicating you need to repair or replace your AC unit, there are more and it is important to take care of your air conditioner to extend its life and maintain its efficiency. Make sure you perform seasonal maintenance & tune-ups and to call a professional as soon as you notice something unusual to prevent a bigger problem and a hefty bill.

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